What does mobility mean today?
Much more than being on time.
The requirements have become multifaceted and complex.
mtrail creates railway technology for the future.
Driven by sustainable thinking.

Moving you

We are experts in the field of railway technology and implement complex system solutions to increase the efficiency of rail traffic.

Our experienced and highly motivated teams have been working for years on the big questions and challenges that drive the railway industry. We keep our eyes on the future so that our partners and customers stay on schedule.

Focus: Sustainable systems Service, sustainability, power, flexibility, efficiency.

These are just some of the key aspects that dominate the mobility sector today. The demand in the public sector is constantly increasing - and with it the multi-dimensionality of the tasks.


Topic: Mobility today Effective

Traffic management with a focus on reducing system costs and increasing technical capacity. This is what defines rail traffic today.

Focus: Railway technology Mobility is more than departures and arrivals.

The principle of moving from A to B as quickly as possible is outdated. For a long time now, the focus has not been on the one good solution. We are constantly facing new challenges in the field of railway technology. This is why we are always on the lookout for innovative and sustainable alternatives.

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